Fucking on Jupiter

Lex. Twenty-three. Oregon. Sagittarius. Trans boy. Musician. Queer. Web Designer. Entrepreneur.


And I’m making strides toward not living like this anymore.

And I’m making strides toward not living like this anymore.

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1 Day Left to Buy People Not Parts!


The campaign’s end is fast approaching!

We’re 50% of the way there. Just another 25 shirts to go before they are printed and shipped out to all of you lovely people.  

I need your help to push those numbers past the tipping point and get this movement started. 

The core idea behind this project is to serve as a rallying cry that all people should be seen for who they are, regardless of what’s between their legs.

People Not Parts is a message to everyone that all people matter and are people at the end of the day.

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Binder Giveaway:

That’s right! I have one brand new black Tri-Top binder from Underworks (size small) to give away to one lucky person completely free of charge.

How it works:

  • Simply reblog this post to help spread the word about People Not Parts
  • Anyone can enter, regardless of your gender identity.
  • You don’t need to be following People Not Parts to win 
  • One week from today, I will randomly draw a username from all of the folks that have reblogged it (just liking this won’t work)
  • After that, I’ll announce the winner on this page and get in touch with them personally
  • That’s it!

If you have any questions about the giveaway, People Not Parts as a project or the shirt itself, how Teespring works, whatever, please don’t hesitate to send an ask this way!

Boosting this again! There are just 3 hours left to buy a shirt. I only need to sell 14 more by 8:00pm PDT.

Keep sharing, let’s make this happen!

Nights like this I want to cuddle up with you under the stars and the moon.

Anonymous asked

5. Did I hang out with the person I like today? Yes.

6. What am I excited for? Moving to Portland, top surgery, abundance.

17. Who can I talk to about anything? London.

I’ve been awake since 6 cause I couldn’t go back to sleep but mornings are pretty!

Anonymous asked
68, 74, 81, 89

68. Favorite T- Swift song is Trouble.

74. Favorite book is hard. Fiction always Harry Potter. Otherwise, business books.

81. Coffee forever but I love tea.

89. I like both equally, but maybe with a tendency towards green.

Anonymous asked

22. No, I wouldn’t swim with sharks.

23. Nope, my dad’s eyes are lighter than mine

36. I know that the last person I kissed is probably at the house we live in together. The specifics are hazy but I can guess and it’s probably with a person I hate.